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EZ-Cast Chapter 8 (Part 1): Games That Legitimately Scared Us

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky, Ivan, and Zahir banter and discuss the games that have legitimately scared them.”EZ-Cast Chapter 8″ has been broken down into two parts this week due to a lengthy session. “EZ-Cast Chapter 8 (Part 1)” includes the random topic of the show and the news wrap up, while “EZ-Cast Chapter 8.5 Final Remix to the 8th power” includes the main topic, which is “Our #7FaveGames”. “Pleasuh unduhstanduh” and enjoy the show! 

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Why Are There So Many Game Delays?

Game delays have become such a common occurrence in the video game industry that it begs us to stop and question why. Delays are good when it comes to the quality of the games being produced and it’s understandable every so often, but why does it seem that most triple-a games releasing these days end up getting delayed once, and sometimes multiple, times? Check out the video below on our theories and thoughts on delays on games and more specifically, the ones that happened within the last six months.

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EZ-Cast Chapter 3: Our Favorite Sonic Games

It’s been 3 weeks since our last podcast and after having dealt with technical problems (Including a failed recording session) the Hidden Item team is back to talk about our greatest passion: video games!. So lets take a dive with Hidden Item as we talk about Final Fantasy XV, The Nintendo NX, and our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog games!