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EZ-Cast Chapter 15: PlayStation Experience

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky and Zahir banter and discuss their time during the PlayStation Experience! Games were played, friends were made, and love was found. That’s not all, Ivan is back from the dead and he hooked up his mic to catch everyone up on his endeavors. The boys are back and better than ever to give you this weeks special episode of the Hidden Item EZ-Cast, please enjoy!

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EZ-Cast Chapter 5: Our Most Anticipated Games

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky, Ivan, and Zahir banter and explain what video games they are anticipating the most. Will your favorite game be mentioned? Will Ricky play games that aren’t made by Square-Enix? Will Ivan finally change his hairstyle? Will Zahir finally reach Waifu-Heaven? Find out on this weeks chapter of the Hidden Item EZ-Cast!