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EZ-Cast Chapter 22: Our E3 2017 Predictions: The Wings N Things Bet

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky and Zahir banter and discuss their predictions for E3 2017! This episode of the EZ-Cast has a catch, both Ricky and Zahir made 3 predictions for each conference that’s going down during the week of E3. The boys agreed whoever comes out victorious with the most points will be rewarded with a Wings N Things meal that the loser has to pay for!

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EZ-Cast Chapter 9: Games/Genres That Have Overstayed Their Welcome

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky, Ivan, and Zahir banter and discuss the games/genres that have overstayed their welcome. This ranges from games that are annualized, games that are released every few years and barely tweak the gameplay, and games that are too afraid to take a leap and try something new. Do some games need to take a break? Or do some games need to flat-out die and disappear? Find out what the boys have to say on this HEATED and PASSIONATE chapter of the Hidden Item EZ-Cast!