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EZ-Cast Chapter 12: Our ‘Spooky’ Nintendo Switch Impressions

Take a dive with the Hidden Item team as Ricky, Ivan, and Zahir banter and discuss their impressions on Nintendo’s new console/portable hybrid machine, the Nintendo Switch! Nintendo officially announced the Switch on 10/20/2016 and now that some time has passed and the boys collected their minds on the idea, they gathered around, turned on the mics, and dove into their opinions on Nintendo’s newest piece of hardware. Happy Halloween! 

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Resident Evil 4 Releases in August For PS4 and Xbox One

“Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!” is what Capcom is saying right now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE owners with the re-release of the past few Resident Evil games. Starting off in March we had the port release of Resident Evil 6 and just last week we got Resident Evil 5. Now it’s time for the triumphant return of the critically-acclaimed and arguably the best Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 4.