Welcome to Hidden Item’s EZ-Cast!

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Hidden Item’s EZ-Cast is a podcast in which three best friends sit back and talk about video games, news, and trends in the industry. Check back here every Monday to find new chapters.

Chapter 1: Pokémon GO

Chapter 2: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 + Sonic 25th Anniversary Party

Chapter 3: Our Favorite Sonic Games

Chapter 4: Popular Games We Do Not Like

Chapter 5: Our Most Anticipated Games

Chapter 6: Discussing the PlayStation Pro/PlayStation Meeting

Chapter 7: Our Thoughts On Delays

Chapter 8 (Part 1): Games That Legitimately Scared Us

Chapter 8.5 Final Remix to the 8th power: #7FaveGames

Chapter 9: Games/Genres That Have Overstayed Their Welcome

Chapter 10: What Is The Future For Virtual Reality

Chapter 11: PS VR First Impressions

Chapter 12: Our ‘Spooky’ Nintendo Switch Impressions

Chapter 13: Our Favorite System UI

Chapter 14: Our PSX and The Game Awards Predictions

Chapter 15: PlayStation Experience

Chapter 16: Best Of 2016

Chapter 17: What To Expect From The Nintendo Switch