During the D23 panel titled “Level Up“, Disney shared a plethora of new details for their upcoming video game titles. The showing finished off with a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts III,” which shows off a brand new world based on Toy Story and a promised 2018 release.

Check out the new trailer down below:


Amidst the excitement, some more information has been passed along after the event.

When asked about the Gummi Ship in an interview with IGN, Director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that fans can expect it to return.

“We can confirm that we do have Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts 3 because it is a numbered Kingdom Hearts title… You can expect that to show up, but it has evolved. We can’t say how it has evolved, it’s a secret, but Gummi Ships will be in Kingdom Hearts III.”

Furthermore, Nomura also shared that higher forms of magic will be available to Sora just as it was available to Aqua in “A Fragmentary Passage.”

“The background of the tier of the magic, up until now, only King Mickey was able to utilize the most powerful form of magic… Fans of the franchise will remember Mickey cast the highest form of Stop magic (Stopza) in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It has existed, and then in 2.8, as Aqua becomes Key Blade Master, she is also able to control the highest form of certain magic… As you noticed, it is a higher tier of magic, and Sora is going to be able to use that in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.”

Toy Story is the first Pixar world to be added into the Kingdom Hearts franchise which opens up more opportunities for future locations. Where can we expect Sora, Donald, and Goofy to venture off to next? Monster’s Inc? The Incredibles? A Bugs Life? Time will tell but until that time comes, for more on Kingdom Hearts III (and its inevitable delay) keep on searching for Hidden Item!

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