For The First Time In Final Fantasy History

Details about Final Fantasy XV’s DLC have finally been revealed. During Paris Games Week, Director Haruyoshi Sawatari has revealed that Square Enix has formed a “post-release team” to focus specifically on the DLC content for the highly anticipated game.

The team is responsible for creating five packs of DLC that will add to the main game. Of these five packs, three will focus on the three party members that fight alongside Noctis, one will be a holiday pack, and perhaps most intriguing of all, a pack that incorporates cooperative online gameplay titled “The Comrades“.

When speaking in more detail about “The Comrades” DLC pack to IGN, Sawatori stated that:

“When we’ve released each of those three [character] episodes, and made each of the three characters playable, we’re going to bring back [lead character] Noctis from the main game, and then add the multiplayer expansion pack which allows you to play as all of them together in new types of online adventures.”

Details on what exactly players can expect to be doing in the DLC pack are few but until then, for more Final Fantasy XV news, keep on searching for Hidden Item!

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