First Ever On A Handheld

By: Ricardo Suarez

A new installment in the Pikmin series is making its way onto Nintendo 3DS in 2017. This marks the first time the series is being released onto a handheld device.

Starring the iconic Olimar, this new installment deviates from the known 3D puzzle based game-play in favor of a side-scrolling adventure game. Players will guide Olimar across a 2D plane as he throws Pikmin into objects that will help him reach his objective.

Screenshot (8)

Like in other entries in the series, a pikmin’s colors determine the type of environments they can survive as well as their uses. Red pikmin can survive fire, blue pikmin can survive being in water, and yellow pikmin can be thrown farther than other pikmin while being immune to electrocution.

For more news on this as-of-yet untitled Pikmin game and everything else on today’s Nintendo Direct, keep on searching for Hidden Item!



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