New Year? New Leaf?

By: Zahir Perez

Nintendo announced a new update for their 2013 title: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, dubbed “Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo” this update introduces amiibo support, a set of fresh new villagers, and new ways to play the game. Alongside this news Nintendo also revealed that 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards are coming to stores December 2nd, each card showing off new villagers that haven’t been seen in New Leaf as well as their interior home design.

The Animal Crossing New Leaf Update adds support for amiibo cards and figures.

All current amiibo from the Animal Crossing set ARE compatible with New Leaf and bring new features towards the game. More information will be announced in a new mini direct specifically for Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Welcome amiibo” coming later this Fall. This mini direct will focus on this new update and what we can expect for the future ofAnimal Crossing: New Leaf: Welcome amiibo“.

Players can download Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s update via the eShop, or pickup the new, announced version of the game “Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo“. If you decide to pick up the new version of the game, it comes with an amiibo card from the set of 50, a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and the “Welcome amiibo update.

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