Final Fantasy Meets Pinball

By: Ricardo Suarez

Square-Enix’s next installment in the Final Fantasy XV universe has arrived on mobile devices. Called Justice Monsters Five, the game is a pinball-like game starring your favorite creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Unlike most pinball games, players defeat several monsters per level. These monsters have elemental weakness that players can exploit by switching between the five available characters in the game. This all culminates into a boss battle that requires players to use their wits and precision as they aim for weak points to achieve victory.

You can check out the launch trailer from the Final Fantasy XV official YouTube channel right here:


You can download Justice Monsters Five on both iOS and Android.

This is just the latest entry into the expansive Final Fantasy XV universe. But for more on Final Fantasy XV, its spin-off titles, and whether or not it actually gets released, keep on searching for Hidden Item!

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