Work Together and You Might Survive

By: Zahir Perez

Earlier this Morning (around 10 AM PST) Bungie held a livestream on twitch showcasing a plethora of new features that were added in the up and coming Destiny Expansion, “Rise of Iron“.

These features included the following:

  • Private Matchmaking
  • Origins Of The Iron Lords
  • New Story Missions
  • New Mutation Enemies
  • New Patrol Missions
  • A New Strike Dubbed “The Wretched Eye
  • The Return of Old Strikes With Higher Difficulty
  • A New Raid
  • The Ability to Wield the New Iron Lord Battle Axe
  • New Artifacts That Have Specific Perks
  • New Cosmetic Feature Dubbed “Ornaments
  • Ornaments Can Be Placed On Weapons and Armor
  • A New PVP mode called “Supremacy
  • Supremacy“, A New Fast Paced 6v6 PVP Mode Where Guardians Pick Up Crests When defeating An Enemy, Players Earn Points By Killing Opponents and Retrieving Crests From Fallen Allies and Enemies.
  • 4 New PVP Maps, One of Them Being a SONY EXCLUSIVE
  •  First “Iron Banner” Game Mode During Launch of “Rise of Iron” Will Be “Supremacy


Bungie also stated that players who have “Destiny: The Taken King” on legacy consoles (PS3/XBOX 360) can get its new revealed bundle called “Destiny: The Collection” on the PSN Store and XBOX LIVE Marketplace for the discounted price of 40 dollars when they switch to the current generation of consoles which support Destiny (PS4/XBOX ONE).

Bungie also showed their latest “ViDoc“, offering an awesome look at what “Rise of Iron” has to offer:


Today is just the first day of Gamescom over in Germany, expect a lot more news from the event and the Hidden Item team to cover it! For more news on Destiny and any other gaming news, keep searching for Hidden Item!

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