Who Needs Prompto’s VR Experience?

By: Ricardo Suarez

Are you a fan of the boy band main cast of Final Fantasy XV? Is your favorite character not the black-haired, Sasuke (Naruto) look-alike Noctis? Bummed you can’t play as your favorite character? Well there’s great news for you then!

A post on the official Square-Enix website reveals more info about the DLC packs that were announced earlier this year. As translated by Siliconera, the DLC packs feature new episodes that focus specifically on the party members Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto and even lets the player take control as them.


Other details revealed through Siliconera’s translation include the nature of the game’s other DLC packs. The FFXV Booster Pack “Will help you get powerful weapons that will help out in battle”. The FFXV Episode Holiday pack “Includes a splendid item pack to make your game more gorgeous.” And finally, the FFXV Expansion Pack is “An expansion pack that makes it possible to enjoy a completely new way to play Final Fantasy XV“.

All of these DLC packs are included in the already announced season pass. For more on Final Fantasy XV and to hear us talk more about Prompto’s VR Experience (I’m sure it’s still going to come up) keep on searching for Hidden Item!


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