Alola Forms and Z-Moves

By: Ricardo Suarez

New Pokémon Sun & Moon details have emerged revealing a lot of new info about the new generation of Pokémon. This information comes directly from a new trailer coming directly from The Pokémon CompanyThe trailer can be watched right here:

Highlights include:

  • Alola Forms of already existing Pokémon such as Exeggutor and Vulpix.
  • New Pokémon that change appearances based on what island they are found on.
  • Gyms seem to be replaced by “Trials”.
  • Instead of Gym leaders, there are “Trial Captains”.
  • Totem Pokémon are found at the end of each “Trial” that are stronger and can call for backup.
  • After clearing each trial, the trainer will fight the island’s “Kahunas”.
  • Powerful new moves called “Z-Moves” can be used once per battle with devastating effects.

For more info on Pokémon Sun & Moon, keep on searching for Hidden Item.

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