Stranger! Stranger! Welcome Back, Stranger!… *Ahem* What Are Ya Buyin’?


By: Zahir Perez



“Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!” is what Capcom is saying right now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE owners with the re-release of the past few Resident Evil games. Starting off in March we had the port release of Resident Evil 6 and just last week we got Resident Evil 5. Now it’s time for the triumphant return of the critically-acclaimed and arguably the best Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 4.

Excuse me, sir? Do you have time to speak about our savior Lord Saddler?


Get your guns, stylish jackets, emo haircuts, and questionable looking herbs ready because Resident Evil 4 is releasing on August 30th, 2016 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE. Just like Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 4 will be costing you a pretty $19.99. This information was confirmed earlier by Resident Evil’s official twitter on July 7th, 2016.

Resident Evil 4 is a definite must-have for fans of the Action/Horror genre or for the people who want to play a game with interesting combat and cheesy writing along the way. Folks here on Hidden Item will be picking this game up because for some of us it’s one of the games that made an impact in the sixth generation of console gaming.

Lord Jabu-Jabu? Is that you?

For more information on Resident Evil or any other gaming news, tip your fedora’s and keep searching for Hidden Item!

*tips fedora* Tch. Nothing personal, kid.”

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