It’s Bigger, Faster, and Stronger Too!


By: Zahir Perez

A new patent for what looks like to be a new handheld device has been filed by Nintendo. Twitter user (ZhugeEX) found that it was filed with the  United States Patent and Trademark Office and it’s for a “handheld information processing apparatus” which has a touch interface and one screen. The handheld is also accompanied with built-in speakers and a “higher sense of immersion” vibration system. 


It looks like a phone to me.


One image included a game with movement keys and action buttons on the touch screen.

nintendo-handheld-patent (1)
Adventure awaits!


This image shows a weapon selection screen with more action commands.

Zelda? Is that you?


Another design that was included in the patent showed off another handheld unit with a different design. This one featuring a d-pad, a circle pad, and an ABXY button layout.

It looks as if a 2Ds and Gameboy Micro had a baby.

Nintendo usually succeeds in the handheld department of gaming. Here’s hoping this next handheld has no gimmicks and is powerful visually and technically. For more news on Nintendo or any other company, keep searching for Hidden Item!

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