Looks Like We’ll Be Waiting…

Till the End of Time

By: Zahir Perez

But… Why?

In a recent interview, Siliconera asked Square-Enix if they would be bringing the enhanced port of Star Ocean: The Second Story, now named, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, to the west for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution, was originally released on Sony’s  PlayStation Portable in 2008 in Japan, the west didn’t see it’s release until the next year. The game was ported again in Japan with more features included to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on October 2015. Yet there was no word if Square-Enix was going to release it in the west.


In Siliconera’s interview with Star Ocean Integrity and Faithfulness producer Shuichi Kobayashi, they asked if Square-Enix was looking into releasing the PS4 and PS Vita ports of the game to the west. This is what he had to say

“Yamagishi-san he was the producer that created the PSP remake and released the PS4 and Vita version in Japan. After he released the remake he hasn’t really done anything for the West. At this moment, there are no plans to release that title in the West…”

He also adds, “However, these are my personal thoughts and nothing has been decided yet, but since I am kind of rebooting the [Star Ocean] series I know that I can’t leave it alone. I would love to release it somehow. Maybe create a back catalog or have some way to purchase it because I know a lot of people and maybe even people who play this new title would want to play the older  titles too.”

“I know we should probably do this. I don’t know if it will be me or Yamagishi-san again, but there should be a way to do this. There are no plans this moment, but I am thinking about it.“

Personally, I would love to see the enhanced port of Star Ocean: Second Evolution come to the west, especially now with recent release of Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness on PS4 and PS3. It’ll give a chance for new players to get a better understanding of the Star Ocean universe and give veteran Star Ocean players a chance to experience the game on a newer console.


Out of all this news, I can’t help but to wish for a future PlayStation 4 port of the third installment of the Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. If they (Square-Enix) did it for the second installment of the series, why can’t they do it for the third? This Pangalactic Federation citizen hopes so.

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