Gotta Catch Em’ All

Greetings Pokémon trainers! I am Professor Suarez, and welcome to the wonderful world of Pokémon!


Tonight the long-awaited project from The Pokémon Company and Niantic is being rolled out across Android and iOS devices in select regions. Pokémon GO aims to deliver a very old wanted dream of becoming the worlds best Pokémon trainer.

By using augmented reality, location data, an algorithmic formula that gives me a headache from just thinking about it, the app generates Pokémon into the real world. Through this, trainers are able to catch and battle Pokémon and even become Gym Leaders.

The app is not available to everyone at the time of this writing. Anyone unable to download the app will just have to sit tight until showtime. Now go out there and become the very best, like no one ever was!

UPDATE: You can download the Android version of the app here.

UPDATE: There is still no word on when the app will launch in other territories. We will update the article as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: The App is now available in the USA, and you can download the iOS version of the app here.

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