Hey, It’s Something

By: Ricardo Suarez

It’s been a year since Sony had the conference of dreams. You know, the one where The Last Guardian was re-revealed, Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, and Shenmue III was launched on Kickstarter.

Since the initial announcement, reveals have been few and far between. To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Kickstarter launch, Yu Suzuki released a video detailing really small details of the game.

You can watch the video and read the rest of the update here.

Shenmue III is a game that many have been wanting since the dreamcast era. Announced at Sony’s E3 conference last year, the Kickstarter has earned a whopping $6.3 million, easily passing its $2 million goal. Development kicked into full-throttle earlier this year in January, so do not be expecting this title for  a few years.



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